Thursday 122817

Published December 28, 2017


Warm up: (10 min)
3 rounds: 200m Run, 10x Barbell Good Morning, 10x Jumping Air Squat, 10x 4 count Mt. Climbers.

Metcon 1: Partner (split all work as necessary, only one person works at a time)
AMRAP 12 min:
20x Over the shoulder Slam/Wall Ball/sandbag Toss (40/30)
10x pullups
5x Tire Flip
(score rounds and reps, 1 round = 35 reps)
3 min rest

Metcon 2: Partner 5 rounds for time
*Each person completes all reps for each movement before partner starts next movement
200m Run
50x Double Under
15x Power Snatch (95/65)
(mod for DU 30x air squats)

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